Professional experience

Thomas Aakjær Jensen and Louise Fenger Kornum are both Playful Minds from the Capital of Children in Billund. Don’t be mistaken, their bodies may look like adults, but their minds are still playful like a child.

They have all the education and professional experience you can possibly get, but it really doesn’t matter – especially not to children. What matters is getting children’s perspective into your business, and this is what they excel at - to the benefit of you and the child(ren).

Capital of Children Playful Minds

Kids are fun to work with cause…… they bring out the best part of adults

Thomas Aakjær Jensen

Conference contribution:

"Bridging what? Monetizing what? Why not ask the kids and cocreate the solution!"

In this speed session Thomas and Louise will share the power of cocreation with kids.

If children don’t get it, maybe it’s not worth getting. Do children of today really make the same distinction between digital and physical play as adults that has grown up in a pre-digital world? Do children really care about how you monetize your brand? Maybe, but the only way to get this right is to involve children deep into your business and try to see yourselves from their perspective. The why, how and wooooooow of cocreation with children will be presented and there are only two potential outcomes of the session: you’ll feel older or younger. Take your chances.



Moreover, Louise and Thomas will guide us all through a networking session. As they say: "Kids are masters of making new friends, having fun and learning through play, so let’s see if we can follow their example with a networking session."